Pet friendly regulations

Pet friendly regulations

Our accommodation Evlalia studios & villas recognizes that pets are considered as a part of our guests' family and is friendly to them, happily welcoming cats and dogs!


  • Our space allows the stay of dogs of small size (up to 10 kg), medium size (up to 25 kg) and large size (strictly up to 35 kg) and cats. Other types of pets such as birds, reptiles, hamsters are prohibited.
  • Up to two pets are strictly allowed in each room.
  • Guests with pets are required to bring an up-to-date pet health booklet signed by an authorized veterinary. Evlalia studios & villas reserves the right to request an up-to-date pet health booklet at any time.
  • Aggressive pets are strictly forbidden. The property reserves the right not to accept customers with a pet which has behaved aggressively towards the property staff or other guests.


  • Guests are responsible for cleaning up their pet "waste products" inside the property as well as in all areas of the property.
  • Pets should be kept or restricted in any case in public areas of the hotel or on the property. It is forbidden to move pets without a leash or unaccompanied pets.
  • Pets should be constantly monitored in every area of the accommodation.
  • If a pet is left unattended and disturbs other guests, you will receive a warning from the hotel manager. Continuous barking during quiet hours, ie 13:30 - 17:00 and 21:00 - 10:00, is also forbidden
  • It is forbidden for guests to leave their pets on the balconies of the room without supervision.


  • The property provides guests with pets, full veterinary coverage by a partner veterinarian for an extra charge.
  • Dry food and canned food can be sent to the hotel with extra charge.


  • If damage occurs due to a pet, we inform the guest about the amount he/she owes to the accommodation, based on the extent of the damage. "Damage" is considered to be any  irreversible damage to furniture, carpets, accommodation equipment, plumbing or electrical installations and other objects.