Health & Safety Covid-19

Health & Safety Covid-19

Visitors' health and safety is our priority, which is why we strictly follow all protection measures.


  • According to the National Agency for Public Health, fever is one of the most common symptoms. In order to protect the health of our visitors, as well as our employees, contactless temperature control will be applied on everyone. Guests will be submited in temperature control upon arrival and staff will be checked daily before shift.


  • Before the customers' arrival, room disinfection will have been executed according to the sanitary protocols. Both outdoor and indoor space, will be disinfected with certified cleansers / disinfectants. Each room will be sealed after its preparation in order to welcome the next guest. We will welcome you in a comfortable and healthy environment.


  • Check out is at 11:00 AM, while check-in is transferred at 15:00 PM, so that the rooms can be thoroughly cleaned. In case there is no booking for the same room on the day of your departure, check out can be accomplished at 12 p.m.


  • Concerning the rooms, the air condition units are autonomous and do not form part of a central air conditioning. Everything has been maintained, disinfected and will be disinfected after each departure. It is recommended by the sanitary protocols that the room should not be cleaned frequently during the stay in order to avoid contact of the employees with the guests. It is also recommended not change the clothing and towels, only if the guest asks to. The rooms are thoroughly cleaned so that every guest can find a safe, clean environment.


  • The Pool bar will operate with increased safety measures, which both employees and guests must follow. Hand disinfection is mandatory when entering the pool area.


  • In the pool, the placement of umbrellas and sunbeds will strictly follow the sanitary protocols and distances. Each sunbed will be disinfected after the guest leaves. Guests will be kindly requested to take all their personal items as they leave the pool. The pool operates with seawater that is recycled 24 hours a day. The procedures required for the pools will be fully followed.


  • When it comes up to the playground, it will operate safely and will be thoroughly cleaned. All the children must be constantly supervised by their parents.


Thank you for your preference and trust,

George & Magda Taladianou