Sporades Sup is the first and only center for stand up rowing in Skopelos, which offers learning services, rentals and excursions. The rowing boards are the best way to discover the coastline of the island. You will find protected bays, beaches, caves and small hiding places that are ideal for both beginners and more experienced rowers.

In order to be able to stand up and start rowing, they offer you training / lesson in calm water. The course includes an overview of all the equipment you will use and of course the art of upright rowing.

Classes take place all morning until noon. You can book your own appointment for an individual lesson or your participation in a group. In addition to the course, you can also book board rentals and short or all-day excursions.

Coastal excursions that take place throughout the day include rowing on a beach, swimming and a light snack, while you enjoy the scenery. For those who love adventure but also for those who are more familiar with stand up rowing, there are excursions lasting half or even all day.

The equipment (board, paddle, personal life jacket and belt) is provided by the Sporades Sup center. In order to participate, one of the basic conditions is to know how to swim. For equipment rentals and your participation in a tour, it is necessary to complete a course, unless there is previous experience or you just have great ... confidence!