Laundry & ironing service

Laundry & ironing service

We want you to feel like home, that’s why we offer laundry & ironing service upon request.

In our accommodation, the rooms are thoroughly cleaned daily, but we also replace the towels-sheets on a daily basis (if necessary) or every two days, respecting the environment.


  • We wash all your clothes in a professional washing machine.
  • Each washing procedure includes: cleaning, prewash, soap, fabric softener, drying, folding and delivering in a basket.
  • Your clothes are washed separately in washing machines with a capacity of 15 kg, always with the quality they deserve.
  • The charge is made per wash depending on the volume and color of the clothes.
  • Cost 15E per wash.



  • All clothes are ironed by hand for optimal result.
  • Hand ironing is a time consuming process, but the result cannot be compared to any automatic ironing machine.
  • The towels are ironed on a special roller for optimal results.
  • All ironed clothes can be delivered on a hanger or folded and ready to wear.
  • The charge is made per basket.
  • Cost 15E per basket.


For both washing and ironing, we offer you a better price at 22E