Fascinating landscapes, emerald water on dreamy shores, Pelion architecture, natural beauties, imposing monasteries and authentic island atmosphere compose the image of Skopelos, one of the greenest islands in Greece since most of its part is covered by a virgin pine forest.

Its beauty inspired even the Hollywood producers who chose to shoot there the movie "Mamma Mia", making the island a worldwide tourist destination!

Skopelos is famous for its wonderful nature and its picturesque paths.

Many travelers combine their vacation with hiking, as the landscapes overlooking the pine forests, the beaches and the picturesque villages, compensate the visitors.

Hikers can choose between interesting hikes.


Hiking Routes on our island

a) The routes to the mountain Palouki and Agios Taxiarchis and Agia Anna, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view and visit several of the historic monasteries of the island, routes T1 and T3.

b) The path Keramoto in Glossa, a really wonderful path.

c) The route from Paleo Klima to Loutraki Glossas and Glossa.

There are also hiking routes through dirt roads from Paleo Klima to Agios Ioannis in Kastri that are also worthwhile.

The municipality of Skopelos in collaboration with Hellenic Tourism Organization has created a network of 5 paths with signs and kiosks. In the main port you will be able to see the maps with the routes.

T1 Skopelos Town Route - Palouki Mountain Top and Monasteries

T2 Route Vatos (from Palouki mountain) to Holy Monastery of Taxiarches and Agia Anna

T3 Skopelos - Agios Konstantinos - Pigi Tzelali

T4 Paleo Klima - Loutraki

T5 Loutraki - Glossa

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