It is obvious from the number of churches, which exceeds 360, the religious spirit of the inhabitants of Skopelou. It is worth to visit monasteries, if not all, at least a few. To their imposing look, its remarkable architecture and unique place will enchant you, traveling your memories back into the past seasons.

One of the most important monasteries of Skopelos is Alone Annunciation Caesar Daponte. It was built in 1712 on the slope of Palouki Mountain, the monastery dominates with its imposing fortress and appearance, easily discerned with the naked eye from the port of Skopelos (Chora Village). The access to the site of the temple is easy and the visiting hours are as follows: 8: 00-13: 00 and 17:00 to 19:00 daily.

Another remarkable monastery of the Holy Prodromou. It is worth to note that it was a monastery for men until 1920, but since then the position has been taking by women. Gently and hospitable the nuns ensure the Monastery with dedication and faith. Images inside of the temple dated the 16th, 17th, 18th century, remaining unchanged over the past. Stis June 24 celebrated the feast of the monastery of St. John the Baptist, this adorable locals monastery.

Inappropriate to omit a visit and the monastery of St. Barbara, the oldest temple of Skopelos Island. According with the inscription it was built in 1648 and is located very near the Monastery of St. John the Baptist, accessible by car or by foot.

We could not suggest and Monastery of the Transfiguration, near the monastery of the Annunciation and more specifically on the opposite hillside . It was built around the end of the 15th century, with Athos architecture and highlights the influence of Mount Athos that has been influenced the architecture the old days of the island of Skopelos. San watchtower served the tower of the monastery, the monks guarding the frequent raids peiraton.  Getting in the right side of the road leads to the church of Metamorfoseos, in addition Panagitsa, St. Barbara, the Monastery of the Holy Forerunner, the Monastery of St. Anna, St. Archangel in Lonely bush and St. Triada. A Festival takes place on 8 November or sometimes a few days later.

Patron saint of the island, as is known, is St. Reginos, who lived in the 4th century m.Ch.Itan child educated Greek origin and showed an early love for the Christ. When he grow up, he became bishop of Skopelos Island. He ended up martyrdom by fighting for the faith, and beheaded with forty other Skopelites (residences) witnessing Orthodox faith. 4 kilometers outside the town of Skopelos you may see in the right of the road paved street to the church of Saint Reginos. Built during 1728 probably on the ruins of older Byzantine monastery dominates obviously the regional main road. People that believed in Crist from nearby islands arrive here each February 25, giving a feast of the saint, to commemorate and to pray for him.

Another remarkable monastery of St. Eustatius is in the region of Karya. It has built in the early 18th century to the point with unparalleled views of the Trunks and northern akti. At the end a memorable experience would be and your visit to the Monastery of St. John in Kotronakis but the Holy Archangel in Glossa Village. So if you have time at your disposal for new experiences, then you should visit all the monasteries, as each has its own value and beauty!