Canoe kayak

Canoe kayak

The kayak team in Skopelos can offer you an incredible experience. You can share with them the beauty of the island! Apart from your safety, they offer information about each area you visit, its natural beauty and its long history since ancient times, especially since the pirates’ period.

There are real events, but also traditional myths that the older inhabitants of the island take care to keep alive over the centuries and the kayak team is willing to narrate!

The day trip by sea kayak in Skopelos, starts and finishes at Milia beach in the center of the island.

You will explore the sea caves, you will relax on the deserted beaches and we hope you are lucky to meet dolphins or seals!

They take into consideration the weather conditions, the ability of the team, your preferences and the season, in order to offer you a journey full of images and colors.

  • Ideal for all ages
  • No previous experience is required
  • All the kayak equipment you need is provided
  • Marine kayaks are stable and easy to paddle
  • There is a choice of single and double kayak seats
  • They are ideal for families, couples and friends

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